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Ok I feel as though I have to talk about my plans for the upcoming future.

For those people who actuall READ and give a shit

Resurection: My (mostly) original series. (reason I say mostly is because most of the characters are Sonic styled) BELIEVE me! I REALLY WANT to work on this and make it come alive, but the thing is, I have to do this one vital thing before I can animate it.


Sorry for that bit of rage, but I seriously need to write, or type, a script for the episodes before I animate. I know the basic plot of the series (except for the ending, don't exactly know what I want there) but a really want to be as detailed as possible so I can get the most out of each episode and entertain you as much as I possibly can.

Now for those who give a shit about me, and want to offer some help, I really do appreciate the concern, but I'm gonna have to decline the offer.  I will have help, but thats only for those people I talk to the most here in the online community. I mean no offense to my fans and friends here.

Now I will give you a quick little summary on Seldom's world, the lore, and the beggining of the plot.

In Seldom's world there are 7 kingdoms, many city states for passing travelers, and a large desert with black sand known as "The Desert of Decay".  Although this sounds very medival, at the same time, it is futuristic, kind of like Final Fantasy 7.  In 3 of the kingdoms, including Seldom's, they practice Christianity. 1 Kingdom practices Wicked (which is basically Voodoo). 2 are Atheists. The last one believe in the old Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Now for the beggining of the plot of Resurrection:

At the beggining we see Seldom covered in blood whilst standing in a destroyed city with fire and destruction all around, he had just killed a man, a man who ripped everything Seldom had known and loved in one fell swoop.  He disappears with a black heart and eyes as red as the blood in his eyes.  Unfortunately someone had witnessed the destruction and had seen Seldom as the only survivor, making the man think Seldom cause a Major city to be destroyed.  Now Seldom has a massive bounty on his head.  3 years later Seldom is walking through the city in a hooded cloak, after walking through the streets, he hears of a rumor that a Necromancer who lives in the Desert of Decay that can resurect a dead person back from the dead in a youthful state, with that in mind, Seldom decides to go to the Desert and look for the Necromancer, does this Necromancer actually exist? And if so, what tasks must he perform for the Necromancer to resurect Seldom's loved ones?

Well, thats for me to know and you to find out.

Thats all I have to say.

May God bless you all.


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United States
Hello friends, I am Seldom Blood, Vaden James, Seld, VJ, whatever the fuck you wanna call me! :D

I am a sprite artist and a flash user (noob but improving) I enjoy meeting people and all dat good shit.

I am ALWAYS on this site. And I mean Always!

Time for you to meet my DA Family:

:iconfelixflare: Dude who taught me how to sprite and got me started, also very insane.

:icongaruniox: My best bro, always got yo back man.

:icondarkicequeen1: CRAZY! CRAZY! CRAZY! PSYCO! ... I like it. :3 Also a sprite addict. I like making her go all kawaii when I show her cute things. 83

:iconj-thedemoniclighthog: Friend I enjoy messing with. :XD:

:icontaymenthehedgehog: Guy who enjoys to sprite, and perverted I may say -w-

:iconbar-kun: Kick ass spriter and BIG ASS perv! =w=

:iconkirliatheemotionwolf: She the biggest fan of Silver EVER!

:iconicefatal: So sweet and random and an amazing artist. <3 She has made so many pics for me she should make a folder just for stuff she has made for me.

:iconconnallrobotnik8: He IS the next Ivo (Eggman) Robotnik!

:iconlovelyvonniekun: Very nice person and artist, also has done a lot of stuff for me. ^^

:iconjoonth: Awesome spriter and funny dude, enough said.

:iconanal-shipment: We help each other out a lot.


Seldom Blood's Bio: (Currently undergoing reconstruction)

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fireshot65 Mar 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
yo seldom. can you send me your new sprites on skype? i want to make a sprite of your character's Devil Trigger
Taymenthehedgehog wanted me to tell you -before he got suspended- that he is sorry not to be able to reply to an RP you two guys were having.
He got suspended from DA? Well that has to suck. Thank you for the message and tell him its OK. You know if you have ways of contacting him.
Alright. I'll tell him. He also said that his suspension will end on April 17.
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