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Seldom Blood The Wolverine by SeldomBlood
Seldom Blood The Wolverine
*Sigh* Yup. I made ANOTHER new version of the anthro Seldom.  No idea why I keep doing this, but oh well...

The only BIG changes where that I made the torso bigger and I added an actual wolverine's tail, that's really it.

Anyway, next up is me working on the Human Version. I'm excited to work on that one. But being on this old dino limits me, oh well.

God Bless.
Seldom V8 by SeldomBlood
Seldom V8
I should probably add the regular version of Seldom.  Anyway, remember that thing I said about the last design being the last one, well I kinda lied on that one, sorry.
Anyway, I like this one and I think I'll use this guy for a while.
I mostly took inspiration from :icontechm8: as far as the body went, but the Head, Cape Jacket thing, and rest of the stuff is from yours truely.

God Bless/
Cyber Seldom by SeldomBlood
Cyber Seldom
Woooooo boy... Ok, first off, I'm SO SORRY I haven't been active on here, but I have a good explanation. I haven't had a laptop for quite sometime, and I still don't really. But I will be getting one of my own fairly soon, how soon, no idea. However I do know that I will get one soon, but for the time being I'm going to be using this Dinosaur laptop I found a while to do my work in, and because of this old thing, and school, as well as life in general, my work is going to be a bit... well... slow going. But I am going to get some work done, both sprite and animation wise. (Until I get my new laptop and Fallout 4, then you will NEVER see my ass again. XD)

My entry for a contest going on riiiiiight here:…

I don't know if I'll win, in fact, I highly doubt it. XD But this was fun to make, and plus, robots and cyborgs are cool, shut up >3<
Thank you all who gave me birthday wishes, you guys are the best. ^^
Hello everybody, Vaden here. I'm just gonna skip to the point this time around.

As you can see, I've deleted EVERYTHING from my gallery. But why, why did I do this.
Well, recently I've come to the terms that, nothing in my gallery was never TRUELY mine. I mean, the concepts and characters were mine sure, but the designs, no... They weren't mine, and I don't mean like how it's Sonic style and that it's SEGA or anything, while that IS true, the edits were never designed by me, they were designed by other people. Well, except for some of the latest work, but the designs were ripped from OTHER characters. I can't continue this... Not anymore. I've wasted 3 whole years... Of my time, your time, and I REALLY wasted the time of those who made all these things for me. I just can't continue it.

So, what do I do from here, well, the only thing I CAN do, start all over again. From designing, to spriting, to writing, everything.

It might be a while until you see something from me, but know that next time, what is shown WILL be from me.

God Bless.


SeldomBlood's Profile Picture
United States
Hello friends, I am Seldom Blood, Vaden James, Seld, VJ, whatever the fuck you wanna call me! :D

I am a sprite artist and a flash user (noob but improving) I enjoy meeting people and all dat good shit.

I am ALWAYS on this site. And I mean Always!

Time for you to meet my DA Family:

:iconfelixflare: Dude who taught me how to sprite and got me started, also very insane.

:iconblackrosesdeath: CRAZY! CRAZY! CRAZY! PSYCO! ... I like it. :3 Also a sprite addict. I like making her go all kawaii when I show her cute things. 83

:icontaymenthehedgehog: Guy who enjoys to sprite, and perverted I may say -w-

:iconbar-kun: Kick ass spriter and BIG ASS perv! =w=

:iconicefatal: So sweet and random and an amazing artist. <3 She has made so many pics for me she should make a folder just for stuff she has made for me.

:iconlovelyvonniekun: Very nice person and artist, also has done a lot of stuff for me. ^^

:iconjoonth: Awesome spriter and funny dude, enough said.

:iconanal-shipment: We help each other out a lot.

:iconmespaintth: I thank you for all your help and epicness for putting me into some of your animations and shiz and stuff and things dude. Sonic Colors and Tacos FTW!!!

:iconaimyneko: My fello Shadamy Crusader!! Also has a blood thing like I do. ^^

:iconreturnofthebadass: I animate for his series, he one of my good buds. NOW SHOW HIM SOME RESPECT AND IF NOT, DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

:iconsuperawsomemanz: Fun guy with God awful puns, no offense dude.

:icondanixdp213: He is a real good dude. I help him out a lot. He has a really good series you all should watch.


Amazing Person by SparkLum Get To Know Me Stamp by SparkLum

Miserable Stamp by SparkLum Doing Enough Stamp by SparkLum Flipside Stamp by SparkLum

Own World stamp by Cheywolfe Stamp: Read my mind by MafiaVamp Lonely-Stamp by Dinoclaws


Stamp: Jesus Christ by MafiaVamp He Does by 2Timothy3-16 Instruction Manual by 2Timothy3-16


I support shadamy by nikki2873 Silver as Shadamy's kid stamp by Envytheskunk .:I love ShadAmy:. by shadamy-luffer

Sonally True Love Stamp by daisykart Sonally Stamp by Victoria-The-Bunnie Sonally Stamp by migueruchan

I love these couples. :3


DragonBall Z fan stamp by wLadyB91 Dragonball Z Abridged Stamp by LoudNoises Vegeta Stamp by KazultheDragon

Variety of Flower Stamp by DarthRegina125 Stamp: Bardock SSJ by wLadyB91 ALL OF THE DBZ!!! >:3


Super Street Fighter IV Stamp by laprasking Fighting Game stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps

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